Christine Perrigo

Christine Perrigo is an award-winning, internationally exhibited longarm quilter and has been quilting since 2003. With a background in computer science and 15 years experience in the computer industry, she has a unique, highly technical approach to computerized quilting and surface design. She focuses on high end, custom digital quilting for modern quilts and approaches each quilt as opportunity to explore new territory and push boundaries.

Collaboration, exploration, and invention are cornerstones to Christine’s process. She has the ability to see what others cannot in their own work and treats quilting as an additional element to enhance the one-of-a-kind nature of a quilt. Since 2014, a Gammill Statler has been her partner in learning and exploring the world of longarm quilting.

Aesthetically, Christine loves contrast and interplay; minimal and maximal, organic and geometric, balance and asymmetry. She uses thread as paint and batting as sculpture. As a teacher, she focuses on how her students’ can incorporate her approach into their quilting design and find a unique voice in their own quilts.

Christine’s work has been featured in publications such as Simply Moderne, QuiltCon Magazine, Curated Quilts, American Quilter, Scraps Inc. 2 and Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century. Her quilting and personal work has hung at AQS Paducah, Road to California, QuiltCon, the International Quilt Festival, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, and the National Quilt Museum.

To see a complete list of her accomplishments, please see her resume. Her newest work can be found on her Instagram, @ccpquilt

Christine’s presentation will be Saturday December 3rd, 2022. Guild meeting starts at 9:30 with the business portion and the presentation begins at 10 am. Guests are welcome to attend for a small fee. Please visit our Payment page to make payment. You will then be added to the email list for the Zoom link.

Tia Curtis

Tia Curtis is an internationally acclaimed quilter, teacher, and pattern designer. She has won multiple awards for her quilting and her quilt work and patterns have been featured in many publications. She has worked as a freelance quilt maker, quilter, and pattern designer for fabric manufacturers, fabric designers, books, and magazines.

The quilting style Tia Curtis is known for is primarily Modern with a solid foundation in Welsh style and American Traditional. She blends improv piecing with applique and patchwork blocks to create lively and passionate works that are truly one of a kind.

Tia’s personal discovery of the mysteries of Welsh Style quilting continues to inspire her quilting today. As each quilting creation is unique, Tia explores a variety of approaches to artistically incorporate these exceptionally unique yet iconic designs into quilting works for herself and her dedicated clientele.

Tia loves to teach her passion, which is for all things sewn. If it involves a needle and thread, odds are Tia has tried it and likely has a trick to making it fun. Her relaxed, carefree style and use of bold colors yield creations that are whimsical and filled with joy.

More information here.

Program Information

The NILAG meeting will be Saturday Oct 1st at 9:30 am. At 10 am Tia will present her trunk show on Welsh Quilting. Guests are welcome to attend for a fee of $10. Click here to pay the guest fee.

Gayle Schliemann

Just a few minutes spent with Gayle and you’d be shocked to learn that ‘creativity’ is in fact not her middle name. She simply oozes with it. It has fueled her passion in so many areas including all things sewing, writing, theatre, Cosplay and trapeze to name just a few. Gayle purchased her first BERNINA in 1995 and fell in love with the brand. In 2005, she opened her own BERNINA store, Strawberry & Rhubarb. It wasn’t long before BERNINA Corporate came calling and she sold her successful store to become a BERNINA Sales Manager and eventually the Marketing Manager of Promotions and Sponsorships. And now, with tons of experience and loads of creativity later, she and her creative cohort Chris Donahue are co-owners of BERNINA of Naperville!

Program Information

Our guild meeting will be August 6th, 2022 and begin at 9:30CST. At 10am, Gayle will present her talk “What Else Can I Do With My Longarm”.

Guests are welcome to attend, however please send an Email to NILAG so that we can add you to the Zoom email list. Space is limited.  

Bethanne Nemesh

April 2, 2022

Bethanne’s journey as an art quilter, from her beginnings making traditional quilts, then branching out into pattern manipulation, to her current pictographic silk art quilts is explored with a slide presentation and with a trunk show of available quilts.  (Bethanne will show us all the show quilts that are currently home at the time of the lecture, which will vary).  Bethanne will explore how her silk quilts come to be, from initial sketches, paintings, photography to final creation and finish details.  Additionally, Bethanne discusses how any quilter can learn to recognize inspiration and document and organize it to facilitate quilt design through sharing her own techniques and sketchbooks in this funny guild pleaser!

Program Information

Our guild meeting will begin at 9:30 CST. Bethanne Nemesh will present “Walk a Creative Path” at 10 am. After the lecture, those that are taking the workshop will take a break for lunch then return to Zoom a few minutes before 12:30 when the workshop will begin.

Nemeshing, the Freehand Feather Flourish,( 2 hour drawing class) 

Suggested companion book: Nemeshing, The Freehand Feather Flourish

Learn Bethanne’s award-winning Nemeshing a lacy freehand feather flourish.  This unique fill has been stopping crowds and pleasing clients and can be used on all types of custom work ranging from simple, large scale fills to tiny show-winning backgrounds.  Learn to blend and repeat the 5 easy shapes and you’ll be using Nemeshing on backgrounds, sashing, borders, and edge to edge quilting! 

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Registration for this lecture and workshop will be open to NILAG Members on October 1st, 2021. Non-members will be able to register February 1st, 2022.

Fees for the lecture are free to NILAG Members and $10 to Non-members.

Fees for the workshop are $50 to NILAG Members and $60 to Non-members.

Registration information will be posted here soon.

Be sure to read this information on Bethanne’s website regarding her teaching studio. We are very fortunate to have such a talented artist and teacher share her knowledge with our guild.

Sue Heinz

Sue’s passion is teaching and she brings to each of her classes a Fine Arts and Education background, over 25+ years of quilting experience, a sense of humor, design expertise and a commitment to help each of her students reach new levels of quilting excellence. She has authored five books, each brimming with fresh design ideas for free-motion quilting and has also invented several innovative marking tools and rulers – all to delight, intrigue and inspire.

Teaching at guilds and national shows across the country, Sue has
also been featured in national and international publications as well as being a guest on quilting TV programs.

Sue lives in Lino Lakes, MN with her husband Tom.  They have two wonderful daughters, two awesome sons-in-law and two beautiful grandsons.

Program Information

Our guild meeting will be June 4th 2022 and begin at 9:30CST. At 10am, Sue will present her lecture “Fast and Fabulous Free-Motion Grids” followed that afternoon from 12:30-5:30 with a blending of 2 popular workshops, “Sashing that Sizzles” and “360 Degree Grids”.  Learn how fun and easy it can be to take a linear design and put a “spin” on it!

This will be drawing workshop so plan to have your Zoom viewing device available at your viewing area along with plenty of paper and pencils.  3 weeks before this workshop a file of worksheet pdf’s will be emailed to you for use in this excellent workshop. Recommended for this class are 2 books and a few tools. These are available at a discount on our Payment page.

Sue offers wonderful tools to make your designs a success. Here are 2 videos to show you what these tools can do for your quilting designs.

The lecture “Fast and Fabulous Free Motion Grids” will be free to NILAG Members and $10 to Non-members.

The workshop “Sashing that Sizzles/360 Degree Grids” will be $50 to NILAG Members, $60 to Non-members.