Sue Heinz

Sue’s passion is teaching and she brings to each of her classes a Fine Arts and Education background, over 25+ years of quilting experience, a sense of humor, design expertise and a commitment to help each of her students reach new levels of quilting excellence. She has authored five books, each brimming with fresh design ideas for free-motion quilting and has also invented several innovative marking tools and rulers – all to delight, intrigue and inspire.

Teaching at guilds and national shows across the country, Sue has
also been featured in national and international publications as well as being a guest on quilting TV programs.

Sue lives in Lino Lakes, MN with her husband Tom.  They have two wonderful daughters, two awesome sons-in-law and two beautiful grandsons.

Program Information

Our guild meeting will be June 4th 2022 and begin at 9:30CST. At 10am, Sue will present her lecture “Fast and Fabulous Free-Motion Grids” followed that afternoon from 12:30-5:30 with a blending of 2 popular workshops, “Sashing that Sizzles” and “360 Degree Grids”.  Learn how fun and easy it can be to take a linear design and put a “spin” on it!

This will be drawing workshop so plan to have your Zoom viewing device available at your viewing area along with plenty of paper and pencils.  3 weeks before this workshop a file of worksheet pdf’s will be emailed to you for use in this excellent workshop. Recommended for this class are 2 books and a few tools. These are available at a discount on our Payment page.

Sue offers wonderful tools to make your designs a success. Here are 2 videos to show you what these tools can do for your quilting designs.

The lecture “Fast and Fabulous Free Motion Grids” will be free to NILAG Members and $10 to Non-members.

The workshop “Sashing that Sizzles/360 Degree Grids” will be $50 to NILAG Members, $60 to Non-members.


  1. I want to sign up for the Sue Heinz class and purchase her tools. I would also like to join the guild. Please contact me with information.


    1. Hello Rhonda! Welcome to NILAG!
      Within this website, click menu then Membership page to fill out the application. It will go straight to our Membership Chairperson. After that, go to the Payment page and pay for the membership fee of $25.00 Scroll down the list of items for the next 2 speakers and then you will see Sue Heinz lecture. Do NOT pay for that, it is included in your membership fee. Scroll down to pay for the workshop, $50 for members. Continue down the list to pay for any of the tools or books that you would like. Each item is an individual transaction. We don’t have carts to do multiple items. Please feel free to contact me again with any other questions. And again, welcome! Hope to “see” you, through Zoom, at the February 5th guild meeting.

      Annabelle Jankowiak, 2022 Program Chairperson and Guild Webmaster.


    2. Hello again, I wanted to let you know that the items your order for Sue Heinz workshop are optional and will not be delivered until late May. Any items ordered will come to me in one shipping, and then I will mail them out asap to those that order. thank you.


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