Bethanne Nemesh

April 2, 2022

Bethanne’s journey as an art quilter, from her beginnings making traditional quilts, then branching out into pattern manipulation, to her current pictographic silk art quilts is explored with a slide presentation and with a trunk show of available quilts.  (Bethanne will show us all the show quilts that are currently home at the time of the lecture, which will vary).  Bethanne will explore how her silk quilts come to be, from initial sketches, paintings, photography to final creation and finish details.  Additionally, Bethanne discusses how any quilter can learn to recognize inspiration and document and organize it to facilitate quilt design through sharing her own techniques and sketchbooks in this funny guild pleaser!

Program Information

Our guild meeting will begin at 9:30 CST. Bethanne Nemesh will present “Walk a Creative Path” at 10 am. After the lecture, those that are taking the workshop will take a break for lunch then return to Zoom a few minutes before 12:30 when the workshop will begin.

Nemeshing, the Freehand Feather Flourish,( 2 hour drawing class) 

Suggested companion book: Nemeshing, The Freehand Feather Flourish

Learn Bethanne’s award-winning Nemeshing a lacy freehand feather flourish.  This unique fill has been stopping crowds and pleasing clients and can be used on all types of custom work ranging from simple, large scale fills to tiny show-winning backgrounds.  Learn to blend and repeat the 5 easy shapes and you’ll be using Nemeshing on backgrounds, sashing, borders, and edge to edge quilting! 

Buy Book Now

Registration for this lecture and workshop will be open to NILAG Members on October 1st, 2021. Non-members will be able to register February 1st, 2022.

Fees for the lecture are free to NILAG Members and $10 to Non-members.

Fees for the workshop are $50 to NILAG Members and $60 to Non-members.

Registration information will be posted here soon.

Be sure to read this information on Bethanne’s website regarding her teaching studio. We are very fortunate to have such a talented artist and teacher share her knowledge with our guild.

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