Tia Curtis

Tia Curtis is an internationally acclaimed quilter, teacher, and pattern designer. She has won multiple awards for her quilting and her quilt work and patterns have been featured in many publications. She has worked as a freelance quilt maker, quilter, and pattern designer for fabric manufacturers, fabric designers, books, and magazines.

The quilting style Tia Curtis is known for is primarily Modern with a solid foundation in Welsh style and American Traditional. She blends improv piecing with applique and patchwork blocks to create lively and passionate works that are truly one of a kind.

Tia’s personal discovery of the mysteries of Welsh Style quilting continues to inspire her quilting today. As each quilting creation is unique, Tia explores a variety of approaches to artistically incorporate these exceptionally unique yet iconic designs into quilting works for herself and her dedicated clientele.

Tia loves to teach her passion, which is for all things sewn. If it involves a needle and thread, odds are Tia has tried it and likely has a trick to making it fun. Her relaxed, carefree style and use of bold colors yield creations that are whimsical and filled with joy.

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Program Information

The NILAG meeting will be Saturday Oct 1st at 9:30 am. At 10 am Tia will present her trunk show on Welsh Quilting. Guests are welcome to attend for a fee of $10. Click here to pay the guest fee.

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